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Professional Hair Treatment Shine Bath Concentrated Mask 950g - La Bella Liss


It is a super concentrated mask, with a blend of special silicones that will treat your hair, recovering it from damage caused by the use of chemicals, dryers, flat iron and / or weather effects, sea, pool, etc. It seals the cuticles perfectly, leaving a wonderful mirrored shine! The Shine Bath mask from La Bella Liss has "Nano" technology, whose "smaller" particles make the absorption of the product faster and more effective.

How to Use:
The way to apply is too easy: after washing the hair with your preferred shampoo, remove all excess moisture from the hair and apply the SHINE BATH mask, lock by lock, ensuring that the product is applied evenly throughout the hair . If you prefer, comb the strands to ensure that the entire product is spread out evenly! Take a 5-minute break, rinse with plenty of water (warm to cold, preferably) and finish as usual.

Tip: if you prefer, make a neat brush to activate the gloss components. If it is curly, dry your hair with a hairdryer and diffuser! Ready: you're ready to rock.

-01 La Bella Liss Shine Bath Mask 950g