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COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.
COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.

Professional Marula Home Care Maintenance Kit 5 Products - Felps

by Felps

Felps Professional Hypernutritive Marula Kit promotes intense hydration, softness and shine. Antioxidant protection against daily aggressions.
It deeply nourishes the interior of the fiber and leaves hair with a light touch and a radiant radiance. 

Marula Shampoo 250ml: the initial step for a vitaminized care of the threads. Besides having a delicious fragrance. Leaves hair supple with shine and balance.

Marula Conditioner 250g: leaves the wires more pliable, soft and with balance. It promotes a hydration with intense and rich nutrition that leaves the wires easier to comb.

Marula Hypernutrition Mask 300g: offers intense nutrition for shiny, silky and protected yarns. End the roughness and opacity. The wires will stay shiny and soft to the touch.

Marula Leave-In Thermo Active Leave-in 100g: protects and restores the hair fiber, besides sealing the cuticles. It deeply nourishes the yarn and creates a layer that protects against moisture in order to combat frizz.

Marula Oil 50ml: it is for strands with intense brightness and without frizz. Subliminal formula and antioxidant. Leaves hair with a light touch, helps reduce double ends and is great for fragile hair.

Marula Fruit Oil: It has Vitamin C and Omega 6 and 9 that hydrate and nourish intensely the wires.

Avocado Oil, Cupuaçu Butter and Lanolin: they feed the hair fiber and end up with the dryness of hair that is mistreated by stress and the pollution of everyday life.

How to use:
-Apply shampoo to damp hair. Emulsify and rinse.
-After washing your hair, apply the conditioner by massaging the length of the hair. Rinse.
-Apply the mask from the length to the tips, and coat the wicks. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.
-With damp hair, pass a small amount of leave-in over the entire length, without rinsing. Finalize as you wish.
-Distribute a small amount of the oil in the palm of the hand and apply to wet or dry hair.

Lighter, protected from daily damage, malleable, soft,full of balance and brigther hair.