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Professional Natural Theraphy Home Care Maintenance Biotin 2x500ml - Natureza


Organic product suitable for all types of hair, cleans and moisturizes and accelerates hair growth giving much more shine and strength. Product of daily use, has in its formula ginger oil that also helps in the growth of the threads, protecting against falls and breaks.

Its composition has Ginger Oil, Mint and Biotin B-8, composed of amino acids, Peptides, Sulfate, Activators that make it clean the pores of the scalp where the hair is born.

How to Use:
Wash your hair with Biotin Shampoo, Spread it on your hair by massaging it, leave it on for 3 minutes and rinse off all the product. Apply the Biotin Conditioner and let it act for 5 minutes. Rinse well.

-01 Natureza Biotin Shampoo 500ml
-01 Natureza Biotin Conditioner 500ml