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Professional White Dust Free Brazilian Color Bleaching Powder 500g - Natureza


White Bleaching Powder comes in a new generation of hair whitening that focuses on minimizing damage by increasing the limit of the hair, protecting the structural bonds during oxidative processes in any bleaching technique.

It allows for a greater number of sequential reprocessing without causing damage or breakage, keeping hair healthier, beautiful and resistant, providing up to 9 tones of fast, uniform and safe lightening. Its Dust Free composition prevents the dispersion of residues during use.

How to Use:
In a non-metallic container, mix in the proportion of 1 measure of Bleaching Powder to 2 measures of Brazilian Color Oxidizing Cream in the appropriate volume for the chosen technique. Apply the mixture with a brush to the desired strands. The action time should be controlled by the professional according to the degree of whitening desired. After the break time, wash your hair in warm water.

-01 Natureza White Bleaching Powder 500g