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Profit Plex Professional Treatment Kit - Prime Pro


With cutting-edge technology, the best ally of all hairdressers comes to market. Its function is to give resistance to the capillary fiber, guaranteeing the integrity of the wire.

Profit Plex has the main amino acids of Collagen synthesis and the high technology of Aminoplex, we developed the structure of hair in liquid form. Profit Plex joining the already existing keratin chains in the hair avoids the damages caused by chemical procedures, ideal for mixing in bleaches and other processes.

How to Use:
Intense Fortifier: Add at the time of preparation 2.5ml of Intense Fortifier 1 to 20g of the Platinum Blond bleach powder of the Profit Of Color line or another product of your choice, and the same measure can be used for coloring and moisturizing.

Active Repair: After the chemical washing procedure with Prime Pro Shampoo, remove excess water from the wires and still in the lavatory, apply the Profit Plex Active Repair 2 wick to the wick from the root tips by gluing the wires. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, removing any excess product and finish as desired.

Linden Oil: Apply a few drops on the palms of the hands and distribute evenly under dry or moist hair, evenly spreading before or after brushing. In the coloring and hydration procedures, add a few drops in the mixture.

AminoPlex: The active Aminoplex consists of a formula that acts on the hair fiber, joining the disulfide bridges and restoring damaged connections, in addition to replenishing lipids and capillary mass, preserving the integrity of the wires. Its anti-damaging action maintains hair health during chemical processes.

-Intense Fortifier 300ml
-Active Repair 300ml