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Progressive Brush Treatment 20 in 1 BB Cream 300ml - Floractive

The 20 in 1 BB Cream is the union of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, omega 6, antioxidants and minerals make the 20 in 1 a mega treatment with 20 simultaneous benefits to the yarn.

The BB Cream Treatment is a powerful moisturizer and vitamin-rich capillary builder that acts on the fiber with anti-frizz action, anti-booze, anti-break, pre and post coloring, moisturizer, reconstructor, mass repository, brush facilitator, shine donor, chemical reverser, disintegrating, pre-relaxation, anti-humidity effect, post-relaxation, conditioner, hair silkiness, cuticle sealing, color protection, double tip prevention and immediate repair.

How to Use:
With washed hair, spray the product evenly over the entire length. Cover the wires well and then brush and plank.