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Progressive Brush XBTX Okra Treatment 2x250ml - Felps

by Felps

After thorough research, we present the most innovative asset for treatment, volume reduction and straightening. It develops the strength and strength of the hair fiber. The extract of Okra is an active that adheres to the surface of the hair promoting the sealing of the cuticles and replenishing the mass, recovering the capillary structure.
- Contains Argan oil.
- Smooth hair from 95% to 100% on the first application.
- Hydrated Hair.
- It develops strength and strength of the hair fiber.

How to use:
Wash the hair with Professional Felps Anti-residue Shampoo, rinse thoroughly, if necessary repeat the operation;
80% follows the hair;
Apply Okra Felps Professional Treatment Sealant in thin wicks, then remove the excess with a fine comb;
Brush and plank in fine wicks. Plank 5 to 10 times each wick.

Naturally smooth hair with intense shine.


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