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Progressive Liss Treatment Rubi Kit 3x1Lt - Ykas

by Ykas

Ykas Rubi Liss Treatment Progressive Brush

Outstanding result!

Ykas Progressive Rubi Brush is a progressive brush designed to reduce volume and treat all types of hair as it has high moisturizing power due to the finishing mask that comes with the kit and can achieve high level volume reduction depending on the type of hair on which its applied.

Ykas Progressive Ruby Brush is composed by:

Ykas Progressive Rubi Shampoo Brush (Step 1) acts as an anti-residue shampoo, which will remove all impurities, accumulated waste, deep clean, open the cuticles and prepare the hair for a more complete treatment.

Ykas Progressive Rubi Sealant Brush (Step 2) has Keratin and Cysteine ​​in their formula that together reduce the volume, smooth the threads, seal the cuticles, moisturize, help strengthen the fiber, protect against external damage, leave the yarn smooth and with natural trim.

Ykas Progressive Brush Mascara (Step 3) has Keratin for fiber repair, cuticle sealing, replacement of lost nutrients, deep moisturizing, protection against new damage, extreme softness and intense shine. 

Ykas Progressive Rubi Brush turns bulky and frizz hair into shiny, silky, volume-free hair. Ykas Progressive Rubi Brush is compatible with any chemistry and can be used on all hair types that have coloring, discoloration, relaxation and straightening.


- Ykas Pre-Treatment Shampoo 1Lt

- Ykas Volume Reducer 1Lt

- Reconstructor mask of 1 Lt