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Express Hydrate Shower Progressive Hair Treatment 300ml - Maria Escandalosa


Maria Escandalosa Progressive in the Shower it fully recover the brightness and strength of the wires, besides its capillary protection system, which avoids the breaking and damage of the wires due to the constant use of chemical components. The treatment acts with a maximum reduction of volume, acting rapidly and providing discipline and liver realignment. In addition to intensive smoothing, promotes constant gloss and softness since the first application.

How to Use:

Wash the hair from 2 to 3 times with a shampoo of your preference; Remove the excess water from the wires with the dry towel; Apply the root product to the tips leaving acting from 10 to 15 minutes; Remove the product with water and condition with a conditioner or leave-in; The most important to use the dryer until the heat leaves the wire totally aligned.


-01 Maria Escandalosa Progressive in the Shower 300ml