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Smooth Care Brazilian Progressive Brush 1L - Radix Cosmetics

by Radix
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Radix Progressive Brush for volume reduction, shielding and capillary smoothing has Nutri-Sealant effect. Formula enriched with Blend of Amino acids exclusive intensive repair technology, aims to restore amino acids and nutrients by restoring hair fiber, also giving brightness, smoothness and natural movement of the threads. Promoting realignment while dealing.

- Health benefit, 0% glyoxylic acid, 0% formaldehyde and 0% glutaraldehyde
-100% safe 100% effective 100% approved
- Just 1 step, easy application and yield
- It is not necessary to wash the hair previously
- Rebuilds and moisturizes deeply, without causing damage to the hair
- Suitable for all types of hair
- Compatible with capillary transformation processes (sodium, guanidine and thiolamine)
- You can wash your hair the same day
- Wicks and stains can be made
- Anvisa Grade 2
- Aroma pleasant
- No irritability

Curly Hair Straightening:
- Apply the product throughout the length of the hair starting at the nape, strand by strand, with the aid of a brush and comb;
- Wait from 40 minutes to 60 min. Depending on the thickness and degree of porosity of the wire;
- 30% rinse;
- Dry and brush;
- Wrap thin wicks 20 times with the iron board at 230ºC;
- Rinse and dry if desired

Smoothing in Relaxed and Smoothed Hair
- Apply the product only at the root and let it act for an hour;
- Then apply on the rest of the hair and let it act for another 30 minutes, (totaling 1:30 hs);
- Rinse the hair leaving 30%;
- Brush and flat iron fine wicks for 20 times, using the iron board at the root at 230 ° C and at the tips at 180 ° C;
- Rinse and dry if desired


- Apply
- Leave for 30 minutes
- Rinse 50%
- Brush and iron board 10 times each wick (Curly and bulky / resistant: 210 ° to 230 °; blond, fine, sensitive, colored, discolored and / or
Sensitized: 180 ° to 200 °).
- After the process, rinse and dry if desired.


- Apply
- Pause for 20 mins
- Rinse 80%
- Brush and iron board 5 times each wick. (Curly and bulky / resistant: 210 ° to 230 °; blond, fine, sensitive, colored, discolored and / or
Sensitized: 180 ° to 200 °).
- Rinse and dry if desired


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