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SOS Shampoo Supervin A 250ml + SOS Liss Express Fluid - Felps

by Felps
SOS Treatment Shampoo Supervin A Stop Fall + Growth assists in rapid growth and reduces hair loss effectively. Enriched with vitamins A and B and a mix of extraordinary components, nourish your hair from the root leaving them stronger, stronger and brighter.

How to use:
With wet hair apply SOS Treatment Shampoo from the scalp to the tips, massaging with circular motions. Repeat application, rinse and finish with conditioner, mask, or leave-in.

SOS Liss Express Fluid Thermo Protector provides a smooth, gradual effect with faster drying, less frizz, intense brightness, thermal protection, moisture barrier and tip repair. Its strong, soft, chemistry-free and smoother hair is applied to every application of the SOS Liss Express Fluid Thermo Protector Felps. It is ideal for all types of hair.

How to Use:
Spray the SOS Liss Express Fluid Thermo Protector from the root to the tips on clean and moist hair, brush the wires with the use of the dryer and if you wish to complete it with the flat iron.


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