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Bioline Progressive Brush 1L - Sphair

by Sphair
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The progressive brush Bioline provides immediate capillary restructuring. Promotes internal hydration of the wires, restoring the strength of the links of the macro fibrils, keeping the degree of moisture and restoring essential amino acids strengthening the structure of the wires.

How to use:

Apply the content of the progressive Bioline throughout the length of the wires according the distance of 0.5cm capillary root.
The application time varies with kinds of hair, namely:
Blond hair 20 minutes
Normal hair 30 minutes
Curly or virgin hair 40 minutes

After application thoroughly rinse the hair and brush it, pass the board in the following proportions:

  • Blond hair 10 to 15 times at 180 degrees
  • Normal Hair 15 to 20  times at 215 degrees.
  • Curly hair 20 to 25 times at 230 degrees.


-1 Bioline Progressive Brush 1L