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The True Shampoo Absolute Smooth 1 Lt - Richée

by Richée
The True Shampoo delivers absolute smoothness as a result. It contains a unique formula of Richée, which adds with a blend of organic acids that completely align the threads, promoting maximum smooth effect and eliminating frizz.
The True Straightening Shampoo activates with the heat of the plank acting on the deep layers of the cuticles, rearranging them to make the surface smooth, turning the texture, leaving the hair treated, soft and intense. The True Straightening Shampoo results in absolute smooth total. In addition, it proposes incredible and deep hydration and nutrition to the hair. In addition, the Smoothing Shampoo does not change the color of colored or discolored hair. Keeps the tips always moisturized, and has anti-puffiness effect.
- Without formaldehyde;
- Free of parabens;
- Compatible with all chemicals;
- very fast application method;
- Longer durability, up to 3 months.

The True Shampoo Straightener is a formaldehyde-free shampoo specially developed to act as an innovative progressive brush, faster and more practical. It will provide an absolute smooth effect, deep hydration, intense nutrition and reduced volume.

Richée The True Shampoo has a gradual effect, meaning the more you use, the smoother the effect and longer lasting. It can be used whenever you want to reduce volume and curls, or discipline the wires.