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Ultimate Blond Macadamia Thermal Sealing 1L- Felps

by Felps
Ultimate Blond Macadamia Thermal Sealing formula with special amino acids and oils that restore hair fiber, seal cuticles and line wires, protecting them from external agents and chemical processes. It was specially developed to preserve the color of blond and tinted hair.

How to Use:
- Wash the hair with anti residue shampoo to open the cuticles of the threads;
- Remove excess water with a towel and dry 80% of the threads with a drier;
- Apply Ultimate Blonde Macadamia, 1 cm from the root of homogenous form, using a brush and comb, aligning the threads;
- Dry 80% of the wires again with cold air and divide them into 4 equal parts;
- Plank in thin wicks 5 to 15 times each;
- Finish as you wish.

Precaution: Gloves are recommended for the application of this product.