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Ultimate Treatment Intensive Reconstruction Keratin Mask 240g - Forever Liss

Immediate Effect UTI Reconstructive Mask is suitable for all types of primarily dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Moisturizes and nourishes deeply while rebuilding the hair regaining the vitality of the hair fiber, adding added strength and strength to the hair. Forever Liss has developed a special formula based on proteins, collagen, keratin and silicon blend that restores and revitalizes the hair promoting total recovery of dry hair, keeping them soft and radiant, and being healthy, hydrated and rebuilt.

Intensive Treatment, Hydration and Immediate Yarn Reconstruction.

-Hair Reconstruction;
-Intense brightness;
-Softness and Sedosidade;
-Healthy hair;
-Acts on the Inner Fiber giving new life to the hair.

- Collagen: Maintains the shape of the hair and prevents the breakage of the hair, keeping them fully fortified, hydrated and internally nourished;
- Keratin: Provides healthy hair life, acts in the reconstruction of the hair fiber renewing internally and externally the hair, thus increasing the strength and resistance of the hair against external aggressions and chemical treatments. In addition, it creates a protective film, making them more resilient, fortified and nourished hair.
- Protein: Nourishes the hair fiber internally and recovers the hair perfectly.
How to use:

How to Use:
-Apply the UTI Reconstructive Mask on wet Hair distributing gently with a comb until you realize that the product has been fully absorbed;  Let the product act for 5 minutes; Comb and rinse the wires; Finalize as you wish.
Tip: Extremely Damaged Hair
- Week 1> Use 3 times
- Week 2> Use 2 times
- Week 3> Use once
After the full recovery of your hair, control the use well every 10 days or when you find it necessary, super potent intensive treatment!

Extremely rebuilt hair, super healthy with natural effect, soft and hydrated.

01 - Forever Liss UTI Reconstructive Mask 240g