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Ultra Fast Blond Dusty Free Bleaching Powder Treatment Ojon Argan 500g - Ykas

by Ykas

Ykas Blond Ultra Fast Bleaching Powder has in its formula active treatment and protection that preserve the integrity of the hair fiction during discoloration. Fast and effective opens up to 8 shades, ranging from hair to hair. It disperses easily and in hydrogen peroxide forming a rich and creamy texture, providing optimum adhesion and safety to all discoloration techniques.

It has been specially developed for bleaching processes. Its formula, with dust free technology, does not raise dust. The result is ultra-fast discoloration with a uniform finish and high gloss. Blond Ultra Fast is a bleaching powder that has an easy-to-mix system for releasing extra lightening properties and a unique consistency for safe lightening and a pure blonde, free from unwanted tones.

Is suitable for natural and colored hair, to make streaks with paper, cap and global discolorations. Ykas Blond Ultra Fast Bleaching Powder keeps hair protected and hydrated and is suitable for natural and colored hair, to make streaks with paper, cap and overall discolorations. It is indicated as bleaching for dyed or natural hair.

How to Use:
- In a non-metallic container mix Ykas Blod Bleaching Powder with Ykas Blond Developing Emulsion (10Vol., 20Vol., 30Vol., Or 40Vol.) In 1: 1, 1: 2 or 1: 3 proportions. depending on the technique and the degree of discoloration desired. The higher the OX volume, the higher the degree of whitening.

- Mix carefully with the aid of a plastic brush until you get the proper consistency to the bleaching technique that will be developed. Apply the mixture with appropriate brush and gloves, control the time. product action by checking the degree of whitening every 5 to 10 minutes until the desired result is achieved.

- Rinse with plenty of warm water, wash with Ykas Shampoo appropriate to the type of hair. If any reaction occurs (burning, itching, etc.), stop the procedure immediately and rinse with warm water. DUSTY FREE

-01 Ykas Ultra Fast Bleaching Powder 500g