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Brazilian Unique Liss Organic Protein No Formol Hair Progressive 1000ml - Nuance

by Nuance

Revolutionary one-step product delivers light, soft, loose, straight hair and no prewash. Its rich composition of amino acids, Coconut Oil and Lactic Acid, penetrates deep into the hair replacing hair mass lost in chemical and physical processes, reduced volume and total elimination of frizz!

Enriched with organic polyphenols, it promotes hair softening realignment with emollient action that acts as volume reducing and reconstructive agents, giving hair a smooth and disciplined effect for up to 3 months.

How to Use:
Separate the hair into parts. Detach one of the parts and with the aid of a fine comb and brush apply the UNIQUE LISS Organic Semi-definitive to the end of the lock. With a fine comb spread the product to the ends of the wires. Repeat the operation on all the hair. Step 2 - After applying the product on all hair, align the strands with a thin comb. Take a break time of 30 to 40 min. Step 3 - After the break time pre-rinse the wires to remove only excess product. (It is important to get a part of the product on the hair) or for a smoother result, do not pre-rinse, dry the product on the hair and go to STEP 05. Step 4 - With a dryer dry the strands. Step 5 - Separate the hair again into super thin strands. With a professional board plank at least 15 times each strand, from root to tip. Step 6 - After finishing the plank procedure, wait for the wires to cool and you can rinse off immediately.

-Nuance Unique Liss Progressive 1000ml