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Vegetal Multi Vegan Mask 500g - Inoar

by Inoar
100% Vegetable developed with the best oils

The Vegan Mask is made up of vegetable oils that penetrate deep into the hair fiber and give back to its natural moisture. It repairs, realigns the threads, reduces frizz, defines curls and, in a lot more health, the threads shine! In addition, it is released for those who make Low Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques.

Coconut Oil - Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it acts on the inner portion of the strands, rebuilding and strengthening. Ideal for dry and lifeless hair, it offers shine and softness.
Olive Oil - Cold pressed, this is an ancient oil, antioxidant and with high moisturizing power. It constríbui for the health and the brilliance of the wires.