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Verano Sun Sea Pool Protection Treatment Maintenance Kit 3 Products - L'ARREE

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Verano Shampoo and Conditioner - Prevents color fading, protects from UV rays and helps the structure not to lose water properties, moisturizing and protects hair from the aggression of summer, sea, sun and pool. Promotes feeling of hydration, softness and vitality. Gently cleans and moisturizes protecting hair against summer aggression.

Verano Elixir Protector - Cream without rinsing, developed for summer: Sun, sea and pool. It has detangling, conditioning and anti-frizz action, protects the hair from color fading and UV rays. Improves flexibility, suppleness and regenerates the threads keeping them hydrated, strong, resistant and bright. With UVB Protection Filter and Silicones that protect hair against damage to structure and dryness and promote color maintenance in colored hair.

How to Use:
With moistened hair, apply shampoo, massage for 1 minute to 3 minutes, rinse and repeat application if necessary. Rinse and apply conditioner to the wire, let stand for approximately 3 minutes. Rinse off after action time.
Proceed with the Leave-in application. Apply a portion of the cream on the hair, massaged from root to tip. And follow up with the desired finishing service.

-1 Verano Shampoo 300ml
-1 Verano Conditioner 300mlBrazilian Keratin Treatmenthom
-1 Verano Elixir Protector 250ml