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Argan Oil Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - VIP

by VIP

The VIP Brush Progressive Argan Oil has been specially developed for you who are suffering because of dry or damaged hair. The intention here is that you can reduce volume and eliminate frizz. The result of all this mixture is that your hair fiber is restored, much softer, much prettier and leave the most silky and shiny yarns. Out of all this, it provides you to stay with straight hair for much longer.

How to use:

- Apply Argan Oil Intense Shampoo the length of the wires, following against the wire (under upwards).
- Rinse and repeat this process for at least 2 times and that the last time you apply, you should leave it for 15 minutes.
- Rinse thoroughly to remove any excess liquid and dry the yarn with the help of a towel
- Divide the hair into 4 parts and pass the Argan Oil Hydra Mask for all hair length, starting from the root and down to the tip of the wire.
- So you can have an intense smooth, we indicate you make the brush and also the flat iron.
- It is necessary that you use gloves


-1 VIP Argan Oil Shampoo Intensive Cleaning 1L
-1 VIP Argan Oil Hydra Mask 1L