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Volume Reducer Acqua Liss System Mask 500g - 1Ka

by 1Ka

The Acqua Liss Sytem Volume Reducer Mask is an innovative product that offers agility and practicality for professionals and their customers. It has in its formulation Mix different amino acids enriched with proteins and minerals that bring back brilliance, strength and vitality to the hair. With 90% volume reduction in the first application.

How to use:
-Wash the hair three times, massaging the hair for a good opening of the cuticles.
-Remove excess water from hair and dry 30%.
-Apply the Acqua Liss System Volume Reducer with damp hair and 1cm away from the root with the help of a brush.
-With a thin comb, coat the threads to enhance the result. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse, removing from 30% to 40% of excess product. Then make a good brushing and flat iron in fine wicks.

-1 1ka Acqua Liss System Mask 500g