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Wave Relaxer Ammonium Thioglycolate Kit 2 Products - Ocean Hair

Thioglycolate Neutralizing Shampoo - Neutralizing shampoo made with cocoa butter, babassu oil and murumuru with moisturizing, emollient and protective properties. It provides softness, silkiness and malleability to the hair in the finishing process of straightening with thioglycolate, enhancing shine and providing a very natural result. Rebalancing pH and oxidant responsible for neutralizing the relaxing action of thioglycolate, aligns the cuticles and restores the resistance of the hair fiber.

Strong Ammonium Thioglycolate Straightening Cream - Straightening cream made with ammonium thioglycolate especially suitable for relaxing or straightening natural and resistant hair. Formula developed with murumuru and cupuaçu butters, buriti and macadamia oil that have moisturizing, emollient and protective properties. It has a smooth gel-cream texture, easy to apply. It promotes anti-frizz action, volume reduction and even a long-lasting smooth brush effect with a natural look and enhanced shine. Result: perfectly smooth, soft, manageable, flexible and luminous hair.

How to use:
- Application: wash the first time slightly with Neutralizing Wave Relaxer in order to remove any residues that oppose the full formation of the foam. Rinse and apply the shampoo again by gently massaging, keeping the wires aligned, until a rich, creamy lather forms. Rinse thoroughly. Dry, unwind and blow-dry.

-After the positive strand test, divide the hair into 4 parts. Start the application of Strong Wave Relaxer Cream with the aid of a brush, in the natural sense of hair growth, keeping the distance of 1 cm from the scalp and beginning at the nape of the neck. Apply only in length saving the tips for the final minutes. At the top of the head, apply with the straight strands upwards, letting the strands fall in the natural direction of growth, avoiding folds close to the root. 

 - Application Time: the total application time should not exceed 10 minutes. Control the time from the application on the first wick. Do not comb or rub the hair during application of the relaxant mixture as the disulfide bonds responsible for the fixed form of the dwarf hair have been opened and stretching could only result in embrittlement of the yarn.

 - Pause time (5 to 15 minutes) - let the product act until the fiber is elastic, that is, until the disulfide bonds responsible for the fixed hair shape have broken. Take the test every 2 minutes to see if the fiber is already elastic. Stretch the cord causing a stretch and when you release, observe the return of the cord without curling. Repeat the operation at the top of the head, at the nape and at the fringe. Do not cover your head

- Straightening (5 to 20 minutes): Turn the back of the neck and with the help of a thin non-metallic comb smoothly smooth each shake without pulling it without pressing. Be careful not to let the product reach the tips and the root. Always do this in the length direction. Let the product act according to the desired final result, always accompanying simultaneously relaxation, elasticity and appearance of the fiber. The yarn can not pucker as this will indicate that the hair did not support the time left. Already in the lavatory, with the aid of a comb, bring the smoothing cream to the tips. Leave to act a few more minutes and rinse.

- Rinse: Thoroughly rinse the hair with water keeping the wires aligned. The water should be abundant enough for the product to be easily removed and should have a temperature that facilitates the flow of the cream deposited on the yarns. Rinse the hair until the water comes out clean and clear with no product residues. Spend a good amount of time on the scalp, nape and ends.

-01 Neutralizing Thioglycolate Shampoo 500ml
-01 Strong Ammonium Thioglycolate Straightening Cream 1L