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Xmix Varnish Bath Capillary Schedule Kit 2 Products - Felps

by Felps

The SOS Treatment Mask restores the structure of the sensitized yarn, protects and strengthens the hair fiber. Moringa and Argan oils, Enzymic Keratin and Potato Honey reconstruct the internal matter of weakened hair, damaged by external aggressions and rubber.
Amino acids and proteins replenish the mass of the hair fiber restoring the wires so that they have a new life and grow back in a healthy way.
Ideal for those who are in the process of chemical cutting. Treaties, the hair regain strength and vitality.

Web Effect:
The Professional Felps bothered to make a difference with one aspect, which is consistency. This effect facilitates the distribution of the product in the wires, so the active ones penetrate the hidro-lipid layer restoring and forming a protection.

Varnish Bath:
Xmix Varnish Bath contains special oils and vitamin E, treating the hair from the root to the tips. Provides intense shine, smoothness and naturalness in all types of hair shades. Promotes antioxidant action and fights free radicals.
Varnish bath contains Biomimetic agent and Special Keratin, which offer intense hydration and emollience, as well as revitalizing the luster and suppleness of the threads.

How to use:
-With clean and dry hair apply the Xmix SOS Treatment Mask by wicking the wires. Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse.
-With your hair cleaned with a comb, apply the Xmix Varnish Bath from the root to the tips, let it act for 10 minutes, rinse and finish as you wish. If necessary, finish with a board. Immediate result.

1º - The Capillary Schedule must be applied every 15 days
2º - The individual product should only be applied once a week