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Hydration Nutrition Reconstruction Capillary Schedule 3 in 1 Curly 480g - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Hair mask with specially selected ingredients to fully care for curly and curly hair. It can be used in all three stages of the capillary schedule: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

- Vegetable collagen: Promotes deep hydration, standardizing the cuticles of the hair. It facilitates untangling in the bath and guarantees hair with brighter, softer and defined longer.
- Avocado oil: Replenishes the lipid part of the strands, eliminating dryness and frizz. In addition, its high nutritional power facilitates the formation of curls, making the finalization faster.
- Wheat protein: It has biomimetic properties, that is, it is able to replace the mass that the hair loses over time. Rebuilds the wires leaving them stronger and healthier looking.

How to Use:
After shampooing your hair, apply a small amount of the length mask to the ends of the damp hair. Massage strand by strand and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse. Your hair is hydrated, nourished and rebuilt with a complete capillary schedule.

-01 Yenzah Schedule Capillary 3 in 1 Curly Hair 480g