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Natural Lise Revitalizing Post Chemistry Home Care Hair Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Detra Hair

VITALISE Revitalizing Shampoo provides a balanced cleaning especially for THE VITALISE AFTER TREATMENT. Contains cationic polymers that give shine and anti-frizz that help maintain the treatment effect. Softness, conditioning and shine. No addition of sodium chloride.

Leave-in Post Chemistry VITALISE restructures, revitalizes, hydrates and protects the hair against the heat of the dryer as it has in its formula Ceraphyl 70 ™ that defends the wires from heat and future oxidative processes. Indicated for damaged hair or hair that has gone through chemical processes.

The exclusive formulation of the Vitalise 3 in 1 hair mask guarantees excellent results in the recovery of damaged hair, as its intensive treatment base returns lost keratin, restructuring the hair fiber and providing health and shine.

Bringing several benefits to the hair, among them the replacement of the mass, increase in strength, shine and extension of the smooth effect.

01 - Detra Natural Lise Shampoo 280ml
01 - Detra Natural Lise Leave-in 280ml
01 - Detra Natural Lise Mask 400g