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Liss Express Smoothing Straightening Alignment Shampoo 1L - D'vien Cosmetics


Dvien straightening Shampoo has a formula with innovative technology that promotes the dilation of the cuticles, allowing its effective straightening actives to reach the inner fiber of the hair, which enables a smooth effect, intense hydration and nutrition to the hair. Application is quick and easy. Compatible with all chemicals, it is safe to use and does not cause damage. Reduces hair volume by 90% and strengthens the strands, increasing shine by 50%. Does not change hair color;

Amino proH, lactic acid, glyoxylic acid, metasil RPH and vitamins B2 and B5.

TIPS: If necessary, use an anti-residue shampoo before application. For blond, red and bleached hair use the straightener at a maximum of 180°, flat ironing 5 to 7 times each strand. 

-01 Dvien Straightening Shampoo 1L