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Professional Academy Gran Potencia Power Dryer 2000W 220V - Babyliss


The Babyliss Academy Gran Power Professional Dryer was specially created for hairdressers committed to quality and high performance. It has a modern alternating current motor, which makes it possible to use the dryer for a long time during the day-to-day work of the hairdresser, maintaining performance and power, providing faster drying with less damage to the hair.

The Babyliss Academy Dryer has an innovative design and 6 heat and temperature settings, as well as a cold release button, a centralizing nozzle, removable filter and a 2.4 meter cable with suspension ring, which makes handling the dryer more dynamic, offering the hairdresser more comfort and performance during use.

- Innovative and ergonomic design.
- Power: 1900W (at 110V voltage) and 2000W (at 220V voltage)
- Socket: 110V (16A) and 220V (10A)
- 6 temperature and speed settings;
- Cold air jet button;
- Suspension ring;
- 1 concentrating nozzle;
- Removable filter.

Technical specifications:
- Model: BabyLiss Academy dryer;
- Black color;
- Professional cable of 2.4 meters.

Product Dimensions:
- Height 22 cm;
- Width 23 cm;
- Weight 800 grams.

-01 Babyliss Academy Gran Potencia Power Hair Dryer 220V