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Professional Pro Black Star Hairstyling Dryer 127V 110V 2000W - Babyliss


The Babyliss Pro Black Star Dryer has an innovative, light and ergonomic design, weighing only 440 grams, offering greater comfort during use. Providing a much faster drying, keeping the hair shiny and without frizz.

The Black Star Dryer has an Italian alternating current motor, combining quality and high performance, making it possible to use it for a long time while maintaining performance and power.

The Black Star has an innovative design with 6 temperature and speed settings, as well as a cold air jet button, a centralizing nozzle to centralize the jet facilitating straightening, a removable filter and a 2.70m swivel cable that allows greater mobility to the professional.

Product characteristics:
- Ergonomic design;
- Power: 2000 Watts;
- Cold air jet button;
- 6 temperature and speed settings;
- Removable rear filter;
- 1 air directing nozzle.

Technical specifications:
- Model: Babyliss Pro Black Star dryer;
- 2.70 mts cable;
- Black color;
- Professional cable of 2.70 meters;
- Weight: 440g.

-01 MiraCurl Babyliss Pro Black Star Dryer 127V 110V 2000W