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Professional Speed Ionic Pro 8904 Hairstyling Dryer 110V 127V 2000W - Babyliss


The Roger Speed ​​Ionic Pro 8904 Dryer, is a hairdryer for professional use, developed exclusively for straightening and styling hair, has Negative Ions technology that neutralizes the static electricity of the hair and closes the cuticles providing disciplined threads with more shine and without frizz.

The Speed ​​Ionic Pro 8904 Dryer makes it possible to use it for up to 1000 continuous hours without losing its performance, thanks to a modern motor that extends the life of the appliance.

The Dryer has a modern design and 5 with heat and speed settings, in addition to the cold air function, 2 nozzles, removable filter and 2.5 meter cable.

Product characteristics:
- 2 speeds 3 heats;
- 2 Nozzles;
- 2.5 meter cable;
- Cold jet button;
- Removable cover;
- Air speed: 20 m / s;
- 1000 continuous hours.

Technical specifications:
- Model: Roger Speed ​​Ionic Pro dryer;
- Voltage: 110V or 220V (monovolt);
- Power: 2000W (voltage 110V);
- Professional cable of 2.5 meters;
- Inmetro seal;

Product Dimensions:
- Height 20 cm;
- Width 21 cm;
- Weight 800 grams.

-01 MiraCurl Speed ​​Ionic Pro 8904 Dryer 110V 127V 2000W