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Btox Blonde Tinting Therapy Fiber Recostruction Anti Frizz Cream 1kg - JanaFlor


Janaflor Btox Blonde Therapy Matizador was developed with unique and special technology for Blond Hair or with streaks, in order to deeply hydrate, reduce volume and align the strands, promoting softness and tinting the strands, eliminating unwanted yellowish tones, in addition to plating the hair and provide a perfect blonde. Nutritious and rich in moisturizing properties, Btox Blonde Therapy Janaflor seals the cuticles and restores the hair fiber, with a de-yellowing effect, leaving the blonde alive and platinum.

It is a super modern and revolutionary treatment, however, its formula rich in Argan Oil and Vitamin E acts as a high impact capillary mass replenisher. It is a treatment that corrects flaws in the damaged fiber, disciplining the threads, in addition to providing deep hydration and protein replacement. Thus, it transforms frizzy, damaged and porous hair into super beautiful hair, without frizz, smooth, hydrated, malleable and loose. It's everything a woman who loves her hair needs!

How to Use:
1- Wash your hair with an Anti-Residue Shampoo
2 - Dry the hair 80%, removing all the moisture from the strands
3 - Divide the hair into 6 parts
4 - Apply Janaflor Btox Blonde Therapy starting at the root (keeping 1 cm away) and with the aid of a brush and fine comb to spread the product well over the entire length of the hair.
5 - Leave Janaflor Btox Blonde Therapy to act for 10 to 20 minutes
6 - After the break time, rinse slightly, removing only the excess of the product (It is important that there is an amount of btox for a better result.)
7 - Dry and brush your hair
8 - Then separate the strands into thin strands and iron 7 to 10 times each strand
9 - Finish as you wish.

Botox Tinting can be used on yellowish blond and gray hair but can also be used on black hair, enhancing even more the shine of the strands

1 Btox Blonde Matizador Janaflor Therapy 1kg

-01 Btox Blonde Tinting Janaflor Therapy 1kg