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Lisoterapia Smoothing Anti Frizz Reducing Action Treatment Kit 2x1L - JanaFlor

JanaFlor Professional Lysotherapy reduces the volume of any type of hair and eliminates Frizz, Providing absolute smoothness and an intense shine to the hair. For you who are looking for a product to be used on your hair, we recommend

Specially developed based on Liss Repair, noble oils, hydrolyzed keratin providing a potential sealing of the capillary cuticle, to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals in the beauty area, combining state-of-the-art technology with what is most efficient in the Brazilian ecosystem. aims to recover hair with altered elasticity, it is indicated for hair that has gone through physical-chemical processes such as lights, straightening, relaxations, pickling, among others.

The JanaFlor Lisoterapia treatment line is a thermal seal that keeps the strands controlled for about 4 months, having of course all the necessary care to keep the strands smooth and well treated. It has a great power of hair restoration, in addition to maintaining the strands Well Hydrated Provides A Perfect Smooth And Balanced. Get Your Hair More Resistant And Straighter With Janaflor Progressive Brush

JanaFlor Hair Therapy Shampoo 1 Liter
of JanaFlor Hair Reducing Mask 1 Liter