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Drying Accelerator Nobody Can With Me BFF Protector Spray 250ml - Lola Cosmetics



Protector and accelerator for the drying of bleached and streaked hair. Light formula, with 25% of plant extracts and sunflower oil Enough with that hair that makes you cat and shoe, let you down at that moment "H" mega important and that turns and moves on top wakes up with you ... I want to see this one to be smart for your side. Nobody can with me! Much less a dull little hair that you think can control you. Aff…. Prevents breakage and dryness of bleached and streaked hair. Light and foam-free formula, with 25% plant extracts and sunflower oil.

Drying accelerator, protects your locks or hair color from the aggressions of chemical and mechanical procedures. Extends the life of your brush or styling and dries your hair three times faster. Saves time and avoids touch-ups.

With 25% of plant assets, it can be used alone or with other modelers. It is compatible with all styling products, but for best results, use with silicone and oil free products. It is not tested on animals, does not contain gluten, sulfate, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, artificial colors.

How to Use:
After cleaning and rinsing the threads with Me Nobody Can Co Wash, spray evenly on damp hair. With the aid of a hairdryer and brush, dry the wires and finish as desired. Flat brush: natural finish. Round brush: volume and movement. Ultra smooth: after the brush, finish with the piastra. Attention: If you want to use a traditional shampoo, condition the hair before applying BFF.

-01 Lola Comigo Ninguém Pode BFF Spray 250ml