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Eudora Siàge Accelerates Growth Protein Concentrate 80g / 2.82 fl oz

by Eudora

Concentrated Protein Cream Accelerates Growth is a rinse-free cream that forms a protective film on the thread and strengthens the hair fiber.

The Siàge Accelerates Growth line has new packaging and a new formula!

Made for hair with growth difficulties, it reduces and prevents natural hair loss.

Siàge's formula Accelerates Growth has Prebiotics and Biotin that acts directly on the balance of the scalp, activating the thread's metabolism and stimulating growth.

Accelerate Growth Protein Concentrate Cream provides:
- 5x less double ends;
- Thermal protection;
- Strengthening of the hair fiber.

For best results, get to know the complete line of Siàge Accelerates Growth.

How to Use:
Apply the amount needed for the length in the palm of your hand and spread the product between the strands. Reapply when needed.

Do not rinse.

-01 Siàge Accelerates Growth Protein Concentrate 80g