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Eudora Siàge Reconstructs the Wire Treatment Kit 2x 400ml / 2x 13.52 fl oz

by Eudora

The Siàge Reconstructs the Wires recovers hair damage caused by external factors. The Siàge Rebuilds the Wires line reduces damage in the 1st use and guarantees ultra hydrated and soft hair. Enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin, the line provides twice as much strength to the threads and fights split ends.

Siàge Reconstructs Wires Shampoo reduces damage to your hair and delivers ultra-hydration from the first application.

Its assets deliver twice as much strength and fight split ends, in addition to ending the feeling of rough and porous hair.

Siàge Conditioner Reconstructs Wires guarantees total reconstruction for your damaged hair every day.

With ultra moisturizing action, it detangles immediately and ensures softer and silkier hair, fully recovering damaged hair. Ensuring total reconstruction for super soft, hydrated hair and a true salon result.

How to Use:
SHAMPOO: Apply the shampoo on damp hair, gently massaging the scalp until foam forms. Rinse thoroughly and reapply if necessary.

CONDITIONER: After washing your hair with the shampoo from the line, apply the conditioner throughout the length and ends. Let it act for 1 minute and rinse.

-01 Shampoo 400ml
-01 Conditioner 400ml