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Keep Repair Reconstruction Hyaluronic Acid Oils Hair Treatment Kit 4 Itens - Muriel

by Muriel

Keratin + Hyaluronic Acid + Blend of Linseed, Coconut and Avocado Oils.

Total Reconstruction - Repairs Hair Fiber - There are several reasons that make the hair look dry. The first one is genetic, where the hair has cuticles and hair curves proposed in such a way that they cannot make the oil produced by the body travel through the hair, leaving it dry. It can also become dry by mechanical or chemical action, where the tips are thin, rough and lifeless and the food can still interfere, increasing the problem. The opaque, lifeless and lackluster appearance can also be caused by loss of Keratin and the consequence is the absence of emollience and malleability.

To donate or restore the healthy aspect of the hair, we developed a formula that counts on the joint action of several actives, all listed for specific functions, aiming to restore the wires.

Hyaluronic Acid will fill the wires, maintaining their natural porosity. The blend of Linseed, Coconut and Avocado oils are harmonic in their functions. If one is good, imagine all three together. They will guarantee hydration, shine, softness, nutrition, strength and a multitude of other benefits. To seal all this in the thread and guarantee that coveted shine, we added Keratin, which is a protein formed by several amino acids that will keep all the assets inside the threads, protecting them.

The reconstruction and restoration of the hair fiber is the third step of the CAPILLARY CHRONOGRAM. We finish this formula with a wonderful perfume. Use and abuse until you are satisfied with the result.

Shampoo was specially developed for hair that needs Reconstruction. Its formula is closely associated with the mask and conditioner of the Keep Repair Total Reconstruction Line of our CAPILLARY CHRONOGRAM.

HOW TO USE: With wet hair, apply the Total Reconstruction Shampoo gently, massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Repeat the application if necessary.

The harmony of Total Reconstruction conditioner formulations will greatly facilitate the performance of our Total Reconstruction conditioner. The continuity of the application of the same balanced and balanced actives in a formula all developed to condition, align and seal the hair cuticles will certainly surprise you with the result.

HOW TO USE: After applying the Total Reconstruction mask, once again remove excess water from the wires, leaving them just damp, with the help of a towel. Apply the conditioner evenly, in sections, covering all the hair. Afterwards, rinse with warm or cold water, 

The hair mask is perhaps the most important character of a hair treatment, whether following the steps of the HAIR SCHEDULE. Our Total Reconstruction Mask has a dosing valve that protects the product, avoiding contamination. She will deliver what she promises and surprise you with the result.

HOW TO USE: After using the Total Reconstruction shampoo, turn off the shower and remove excess water from the hair with the aid of a towel, keeping it damp. After applying the Total Reconstruction Mask on locks, taking care to englove all the hair. Let it rest for at least 5 and at most 15 minutes (you can use a thermal cap if you prefer). Rinse using lukewarm or cold water. Now your hair is ready to receive our conditioner.

Our Total Reconstruction Finisher was specially developed to finish, that is, to seek a Gran Finale in the treatment of your hair. It has a special formula for those who want hydration, thermal protection with active technology with heat and at the same time protects from heat, untangles, prevents split ends without Frizz and even a softness and shine for your hair. No rinse.

How to use: With damp and clean hair, apply the Total Reconstruction Finisher and spread it all over the hair, especially on the ends before using the dryer, straightener or flat iron.

-01 Keep Repair Reconstruction Shampoo 300ml
-01 Keep Repair Reconstruction Conditioner 300ml
-01 Keep Repair Reconstruction Mask 250g
-01 Keep Repair Reconstruction Finisher 100ml