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Magic Plus Hair Carbon Replacement Durable Effect Premium Kit 2x500 - Kaedo

by Kaedo

Exceptional for controlling capillary volume and reducing frizz after chemical thermal realignment procedures and progressive brushes. Made with exclusive Durable Effect technology that guarantees straight, hydrated and healthy hair for longer. Its use replenishes the carbon in the threads, keeping them healthy and looking natural.

Kaedo keeps innovating and brings Magic Plus for regular use. A special line that will keep hair cleaner, smoother and more fragrant. Its assets (Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Phylderm and Hyaluronic Acid), give more silky hair, with intense shine and control of the volume of the hair. Its formulation has Durable Effect technology, which allows the smooth effect of your hair to last for much longer.

How to use:
Apply the Shampoo to wet hair, massaging well, until a rich foam is formed and
creamy. Rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary. After washing your hair with Magic Shampoo, apply the mask over the entire length of the wires. Massage well and let it act for 7 minutes. Rinse

-01 Kaedo Magic Plus Shampoo 500ml
-01 Kaedo Magic Plus Mask 500g