1 - WASH
  The STEP 1 formula is especially suitable for cleaning and removing residue from your hair by opening the scales and wires of the cuticle. Start by massaging the STEP 1 from the scalp down to the tips of your hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat up to three times, if necessary.
  Dry thoroughly with a towel. Gently gather your hair into sections and squeeze out the extra water. Using a hair dryer, do not brush, makes sure to dry hair completely. No dampness should remain. You may wash or pulled back within two hours.              Attention: The straightener should be of teflon or ceramic, not to damage the wires.
  Place the STEP 2 in a bowl. Split the hair into 4 even sections. Starting from the back of the neck, keeping a 1 cm (0.5 inches) distance from the scalp, take one section of hair at a time and apply Step 2 using a brush and fine tooth comb (tail comb). Let it rest for 20 min/40 min (for coarse or thick hair), so the keratin can penetrate into the fibre. *The product does not cause irritation, but we recommend the use of gloves.
Without washing or brushing, dry the hair completely in warm temperature setting.
5 -  FLAT IRONING / BRUSHING   This step is to seal hair cuticles completely. Apply the flat iron in thin slivers, 7-10 times each strand at 356 F (180°C to 200°C) for chemically processed hair or and 400 F (200°C 230°C) for virgin hair. As you run the flat iron over each sub section, your hair will change from a dull waxy appearance to a beautiful shine. Start always from the back of neck and proceed up to the top of the head. Be careful to not burn your hair. Leave it for at least 20 minutes.
*Work in well ventilated area and avoid breathing the fumes.
6 - WASH WITH COLD WATER   Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water and finish with the dryer (optional brushing/mask finisher).         7 - READY TO GO!   Results are immediately visible after the Keratin Treatment is completed, hair looks healthy and youthful. You may wash
or pulled back within two hours.                  

Frequently Asked Questions

Correct maintenance / After care:
  Use sulfate, salt and alcohol free shampoos and conditioner, sulfates can strip the straightening chemicals from the hair. Chlorine and salt water can also pull it out of the hair. pH balanced, between 4 and 4.5 pH, closer to the hair's natural pH level. You cannot use baby shampoo as it is far too alkaline (pH 8).

What precautions should I take?
  It is advised that pregnant woman or children with less than 16 years old do not receive the treatment. Same with staff in the salon who are pregnant should not apply the treatment on a customer.