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Argan and Açai Pos Progress Shampoo and Conditioner Maintenance 2x500ml - 1Ka

by 1Ka

Clean without removing hair treatment, helps mantain the hair soft and healthy, as well as fighting the double ends and the frizz.
It also ensures a perfect cleaning for the hair, without damage the wires, ideal for daily use. It contains in its formula Argan Oil and Açai Extract that revitalizes the yarns making them more pliable and flexible, promoting an Ultra hydration and prolonging the effect of the smoothing.

How to use:

Argan and Açai Post Chemistry Shampoo:
- Apply the shampoo to damp hair, massaging gently to form a rich, creamy lather over the wires. Rinse thoroughly if you need to repeat a wash. For best results, use conditional on the same line.

Argan and Açai Aftercare Conditioner:
- Apply just after the Shampoo, starting at the tips and massaging the wires gently.
Leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse well.


- 1 Argan and Açai Post Chemistry Shampoo 1Ka 500ml
- 1 Argan and Açai Aftercare Conditioner 1Ka 500ml