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Professional Formol Free 3D Dynamic Shielding Kit 2x1L - Plancton Professional


3D Shielding is a unique and practical treatment with three-dimensional technology and high performance actives, such as amino acids, ceramides and wheat proteins that involve the strands reducing the volume of the hair, as it penetrates deeply into all layers of the hair fiber, recovering the strands weakened and damaged.

How to Use:

Do the touch test and the wick test;
Apply a small amount of shampoo on damp hair; Massage gently with plenty of water and repeat the application; Divide the hair into quadrants; Apply the Gloss strand by strand from the root to the ends, starting at the nape to the top of the head and respecting the space of 0.5 cm above the root; The pause time of the product in the hair varies due to its resistance. 30 minutes on average, resistant 60 minutes; Rinse the hair with water (The removal of the product varies from 50% to 100% according to the capillary structure, taking into account the presence of artificial pigments in the thread); Brush well.


-01 Plancton 3D Dynamic Shielding 2x1L