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Professional 60 Seconds High Impact Hair Treatment Mask 250g - Zap Cosmetics


Zap 60 Seconds High Impact Mask is a highly nutritious treatment mask suitable for all types of hair.
With its unique formula that combines active and moisturizing vitamins, Zap 60 Mask combines 6 benefits such as cleansing, emollient, intense glow, capillary fiber reconstruction, yarn strengthening and complete nutrition. Provides disciplined, nourished, fully moisturized hair with an intense glow.

- Hydration and Complete Hair Nutrition.
- Softness and Intense Brightness.
- Disciplined Hair.

-1 Zap 60 Seconds High Impact Mask 250g

How to use:

- With the hair already clean and still damp, apply Zap High Impact Mask 60 Seconds over the entire length of the threads.
- Let the product act for 5 to 10 minutes.
- Rinse gently.
- Finish as you wish.

-01 Zap 60 Seconds High Impact Mask 250g