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Affirm Sodium Hydroxide Straightening Resistant Plus Smoothing 900g - Avlon

by Avlon

Formula specially developed for very resistant Brazilian Hair, the result of racial miscegenation that originated different types and textures of frizzy and curly hair. With action between 25 and 30 minutes, it offers maximum straightening and conditioning power in natural, thick or resistant hair.

Avlon Affirm Sodium Hydroxide Smoothing Cream is a relaxing cream based on sodium hydroxide, with moisturizing power during the relaxation process, as it contains conditioners, protein actives and mineral oils. Smoothes and effectively texturizes frizzy hair, and can also be applied just for relaxation, curl maintenance and volume reduction.

Keep the product out of the reach of children. Use the Avlon Affirm Relaxing System Sodium Hydroxide Normal Plus Smoothing Cream only as indicated in the explanatory leaflet, which is supplied with the products.

Sodium hydroxide-based product: Follow the instructions for use to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye irritation.

In case the scalp presents problems of irritation, excoriation, seborrhea and fall, do not start the treatment.

Do not perform sodium relaxation on hair previously bleached or dyed with dyes based on Henna, metallic salts and lead.

Hair that has already been relaxed can withstand a new application only on the growing part and after 90 days. In hair relaxed with Ammonium Thioglycolate, wait 6 months before using the Avlon Affirm Sodium Hydroxide Straightening Cream system.

In case of contact with eyes or burns, skin irritations, rinse immediately. If problems persist consult a doctor.

Do not use the product on pregnant women and children under 12 years of age.

The product application process must be done by a professional hairdresser who knows and works with the Avlon product.

How to Use:
Apply Avlon Affirm Sodium Hydroxide Smoothing Cream according to the step by step that comes with the Kit.
Apply Protective Thread Protector. Divide the hair into 4 sections -from ear to ear from forehead to nape. Continue subdividing the sections, and apply a large amount of relaxer, using the smooth side of a comb or brush.
Start the application at the top of the head -back part- and move towards the back of the neck. Gently spread using the tip of a comb, again from the top of the head towards the back of the neck. Do the same for the side sections.
After the action time has expired and the desired degree of relaxation has been reached, remove the relaxing cream COMPLETELY with warm water.
For touch-ups, limit the application of the relaxer to growing regions only. DO NOT EXCEED THE TIME LIMIT TO APPLY FULLY.

01 Avlon Affirm Resistence Plus Sodium Hydroxide Straightening Cream 900g