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Agi Immediate Realce Collor Blue Toning Blond Hair Ampoules 4x12ml - Agilise


Developed to neutralize the undesirable tones in the mechan, lights and progressive, provides pearly tones, graywood, moisturizing the wires, giving softness and brightness to the hair.

How to Use:
1) Progressive tint: Add half a vial of Agi Immediate Blue Ampoule to 100gr of Agilise Anti-Volume, and proceed with the progressive process normally.
2) Mutory hydration: Wash your hair with Moisturizing Shampoo, wipe off excess water with a towel and add half a vial at 100gr to your preferred mask (Agi Hydration and Neutralizing line), let it work until you get the desired result, then rinse and finish.

Note: Do not apply the ampoule directly to the hair.

-1 Agilise Agi Immediate Blue Toning Ampoule 4x12ml