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Agilise Professional Matching Colors Tone Restoration 4x 12ml / 4x 0.4 fl oz


The Tone Restoration Ampoule can be added to masks and hair straightening treatment to neutralize undesired shades. Has components that repair the internal structure of the strands and increase the color life span. Recommended for blonde hair with hair straightening, reflexes, and different shades.

Kerarice: Developed for capillary fiber protection against solar radiation, internal structure repair, Keratin protection strengthening the hair, shine and softness recovery, oxidation (brassy) reduction, even in the most damaged hair.

Violet flowers complex: It has antioxidant properties, an essential oil, resins, tannin, organic acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and shade repairing mucilage, extracted from lavender, Rosemary, and viola, that provide refreshing and stimulating action to the scalp, besides helping in the yellowish strands’ color neutralizing.

Violet 43: Pigment for tone restoration that avoid the color fading in the hair.

How to Use:
For Hair Straightening: Add half of the one Tone Restoration Ampoule in 100g of the Agilise anti volume you prefer (recommended in blonde hair, with reflexes or undesired shades) and continue the procedure with the normal hair straightening procedure.

-04 Tone Restoration Ampoules 12ml