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Ai Que Babado Okra Aloe Vera Treatment Low Poo Hair Kit 2x500ml - Vita Seiva


The Low Poo Ai Que Babado Shampoo provides a soft touch and enhances the natural shine of the hair! With a formula free of heavy sulfates, it can be used by those who use the Low Poo technique, leaving the hair clean without drying it out.
Enriched with aloe extract, okra extract, mineral salts and Vitamins A, B and C, Ai Que Babado shampoo helps to strengthen, nourish and hydrate the hair fiber, in addition to fighting dandruff and protecting the hair from external damage.

HOW TO USE: apply to damp hair and massage until foaming. Rinse and if necessary, just repeat the process.

The Ai Que Babado Conditioner has a formula free of parabens, petrolatums, paraffins and silicones, that is, it keeps the hair healthy! In addition, it regenerates the hair fiber and fights dryness, resulting in straight, frizz-free, conditioned and shiny hair! Your locks deserve this hydration.

HOW TO USE: after washing the hair with shampoo, apply the conditioner two fingers below the root and massage the hair for better absorption of the product. Let it act for 2 minutes and then rinse.

-01 Ai que Babado Shampoo 500ml
-01 Ai que Babado Conditioner 500ml