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Amazon Roots Silk Protein Quinoa Organic Bio Extract Progressive 1L - Oshi Goshi


Developed with the newest acid technology for the thermal realignment of hair strands. Its treatment phase consists of elements extracted from nature. Organic Brush Volume Reducer Oshi Goshi has the appeal of the Roots of the Amazon, for the rich composition of natural extracts.

Straightening gives the hair a natural finish, with a lot of shine, nutrition and softness. The hair looks and feels like silk. All elements of the composition are formulated to minimize the common degreasing of the chemical phase of the reduction process.

All Oshi Goshi products are developed for hair repair, nutrition and hydration. Women love the appreciation of the effects that each product provides them;

- Thermal Straightening;
- Volume reduction;
- Silk Treatment;
- Hair with natural effect.

How to Use:
1) After washing your hair with any anti-residue shampoo, apply the product all over the hair, strand by strand. (let it act for 30 to 60 minutes);
2) Remove 60% of the product with water only and finish with a hairdryer and board.

Do not apply directly to the scalp;
Wear gloves for professionals and protect the client's eyes;
Have common sense to use in children and pregnant women;
Do not proceed on extremely damaged hair, before making specific treatments to recover the damaged fiber.

-01 Oshi Goshi Organic Bio Extract Progressive 1L