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Black Illuminated - Highlight for Black Hair Color - Mask 300g - Amend

by Amend

Date of India: provides hydration and shine, and prevent color fade.

Put on gloves before application. After using the shampoo, remove the wires from water excess with a towel. Spread the mask length to tip. Let stand 1-20 minutes always checking the change of nuance in her hair. When achieve the desired color, rinse thoroughly.

color wash mask for black hair. Amend Illuminated Black Hair Mask Highlight color intensifies the natural tone or color with highly pigmented formula. Protects the wires and invigorates to give healthy look for more tempo.Amend Illuminated Black Hair Mask Color Enhancement brings assets, in addition to pigment the wires, make a deep hydration to provide shine and softness. With sunscreen, it is rich in antioxidants that prevent color fading so that it lasts more. Her hair is in a vibrant black shade, protected dodesbotamento and radiant glow.