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Complete Repair Keratin Net - Treatment Reconstructor 150ml - Amend

by Amend

Keratin Bio-System: it acts in the cuticle and cortex keratin to reconstruct the structure of the yarns and protect against external aggression.

After washing the yarn with shampoo, conditioner, keratin pass length and ends. Proceed with brushing and finish with the board.

Liquid Keratin for damaged hair. Repair Liquid Complete Amend restructuring keratin internally wire and protects the external aggressions, moisture - causes frizz - and heat damage of térmicos.Amend Complete Repair Liquid accessories penetrates keratin in the hair keratin fiber and reconstructs the chain to rescue the strength and flexibility of the wires. Also forms a protective barrier that prevents future damage. Your hair gets the care he needs to go back to being strong and healthy. Her hair is tough, disciplined, protected and shiny.