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Hair Mass Replacement System - Mask 300g - Amend

by Amend

The RMC System Integrated System has Bioactive positive that leaves 3x stronger wires because begins the restoration process of the hair fiber. Reduced breakage of the wires and the split ends. Reconstructs the fiber replacing the mass lost without influence the current volume of hair.

After washing the hair with shampoo step 1, apply uniformly replenishing hair mass strand by strand. Let stand for 10 minutes. It is not necessary to heat with caps or dryer. Rinse well and remove any hair product. Proceed to Step 3.

mass Repositor by capillary damaged hair dyeing processes. System MRC Amend replenishing hair mass restore the hair fiber from its cuticle to the cortex. Returns the mass of wires damaged by dyeing, bleaching, sun exposure, natural aging of the wire and use of dryers and boards. Amend RMC System Repositor capillary mass increases resistance to breakage effectively leaves the 3x stronger hair, increases the brightness, smoothness and conditioning of wires that are healthy, naturally beautiful and better protected for possible future damage without interfering with hair volume. Hair 3x stronger, healthy, soft, shiny and resistant to breakage.