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Amino Restore Reconstructor Restore Protection Shine Shampoo 300ml - Secrets

by Secrets

Restorative shampoo for damaged hair. Secrets Reconstructor Amino Restore Shampoo deeply repairs while ensuring shine and protection.

Secrets Reconstructor Amino Restore Shampoo has a unique salt-free formula that protects hair from damage caused by chemical processes, increases hair resistance, restores hair mass and also ensures softness to the hair.

Hydrolyzed keratin: responsible for the recovery of damaged hair

Silicones: give hair shine and softness

Amino acids: restoration of hair flexibility.

How to use:
Apply an amount of shampoo to the hair and massage gently until lathering. Rinse well and if necessary repeat the operation.

Soft, restored, protected and shiny hair.

-01 Amino Restore Reconstructor Shampoo 300ml