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Amino Whey Anti Hair Fall Tonic Revitalizing Hair Scalp Treatment 120ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Yenzah Amino Whey anti-hair loss tonic is a hair loss treatment with a revitalizing action for the scalp. It acts by nourishing and stimulating the hair bulb, making the hair stronger from the root and controlling the fall.

In addition, by leaving the scalp more regulated, this tonic also helps to grow hair faster and healthier. It is a super versatile product, and can be used both for those who want a treatment for hair loss, and for those who just want to accelerate growth.

- It is not oily and does not weigh on the root;
- It is not based on alcohol or other components that dry the scalp;
- Fast and proven results: you can see improvement with just 30 days of use;
- Moisturizes, repairs and thickens the wires.

Free of:

Main assets and their benefits:

- Amino acids: There are more than 10 different amino acids acting directly in the recovery and strengthening of the wires. They ensure that the hair that grows is strong and does not break or fall out.

- Plant extracts: Hydrate, nourish and stimulate the scalp, helping to grow hair and making new strands appear beautiful and healthy.

Thin, thinning hair, with hair loss or low growth.

Stronger, resistant wires, controlled fall and faster growth, anti-fall.

pH: 4.5

mode of use
It can be used on freshly washed or unwashed scalps. Apply spritzes of Yenzah Amino Whey toner directly to leather and massage to stimulate growth. Do not rinse. Use on alternate days for at least 30 days. If you wish, after the initial 30 days the product can continue to be used, there is no need to stop using it.

-01 Amino Whey Anti Hair Fall Tonic 120ml